Looking for Deals on Mini Kegarators?

CouponCodeOffers.com has identified kegerator.com to offer great deals on mini kegerators and other types of Keg Beer Dispensers. On top of their well discounted price offers, almost all models of mini Kegerators come with Free Shipping!

One of the mini kegerators available in kegerator.com is EdgeStar Deluxe TBC50S Mini Kegerator and Beer Dispenser. As of September 15, 2012, the price deal for EdgeStar TBC50S is $179.00 USD from the already discounted list price of $223.75 USD. This offer also includes Free UPS or Fedex Shipping.

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Screenshot # 01 : EdgeStar TBC50S mini Kegerator page in kegerator.com

This mini keg dispenser model is being offered by kegerator.com with better deals compared to other online merchants. You can further check amazon.com to prove this claim as shown by the price offers for EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator below. Occasionally, though, you may end up finding the better limited-time offer on Amazon.com, since many online merchants sell their products via Amazon.com - as seen on the screenshoot below. So, always make sure to compare the price you find against Amazon.com!

Screenshot # 02 : EdgeStar TBC50S mini Kegerator Price Offers in amazon.com

However, there are only few models of Mini Keg Beer Dispenser that are available in kegerator.com. So, in case that you can't find the model of mini-kegerator that you are looking for in kegerator.com, then you can look in amazon.com. Some of the mini kegerator models that are available in amazon.com include Avanti 1.7 Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser and Vinotemp VT-Beer 5-Liter CO2-Powered Tabletop Beer Dispenser.

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