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On top of their well-discounted prices, you can also take advantage of coupon codes, such as coupon Battery12 that will grant you with additional 12% off the already discounted prices. A brief explanation on how to use this coupon code on your purchase will be considered below.

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Using the Coupon Code 'Battery12'

As mentioned earlier, aside from their weekly special deals, you can also take advantage of the other deals available at, such as the coupon code 'Battery12' that will give you an additional 12% off, and other coupon codes that will also grant you with extra savings.

However, you can only use one of these coupons for your purchase, and these coupon codes are only available for a limited time, so you must take advantage of them as soon as possible.
Let us consider an example on how the coupon code 'Battery12' will provide you with the 12% discount. Let us take the Tenergy TN190 NiMH/NiCd Advanced Universal Smart Charger as an example.

As shown below, as of November 01, 2012, the sale price of Tenergy TN190 in is $29.99 USD. This Price offer is well-discounted with 40% off from the regular price of $49.99 USD.

Screenshot 02 : Sale Price for Tenergy TN190

You can still earn additional savings for Tenergy TN190 by using the coupon code 'Battery12' which will grant you 12% off the already discounted price at the checkout.

Screenshot 03 : Final Price for Tenergy TN190 after applying Coupon Code 'Battery12' (without shipping cost)

As shown below, the price of Tenergy TN190 after using the coupon 'Battery12' ended up as $26.39 USD.

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However, this discounted offer will still be subjected to shipping price depending on the shipping rate for your respective area/zip code. You must also remember that the shipping rate depends on how much your purchase weighs, thus, the shipping rate of heavier products is more expensive than the lighter ones.

Let us assume that your country code is 10001, so as shown below, the final price for Tenergy Tn190 NiMH/NiCD Advanced Universal Smart Charger went up to  $37.47 USD.

The good news is that you can also consider using another coupon code, and it's the coupon 'THANKS' that will grant your purchase with Free Shipping. On the other hand, the amount of your purchase must be more than $75.00 USD to be benefitted by this coupon code. You can visit https to learn more details about this promo.