Looking to Save on Carolina Logger Boots?

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On top of their great deals on all available styles and models of Carolina Logger Boots, you can still earn extra savings through the aid of an exclusive coupon code from shoeline.com. The coupon 'CC15' will grant you the opportunity to save an extra 15% off of each Carolina boot model or style.

Two offers, for men and for women, are listed below:


As mentioned earlier, the extra 20% off coupon is also applicable for Carolina boots for women.

How to Apply the Coupon Code?

Now, let us consider an example on how to apply the coupon code to save extra 20% off on your purchase of Carolina boots.

Let us assume that you want to purchase Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger boots.

Screenshot 01: Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger page @ shoeline.com

A. After selecting your choice of Carolina boots (Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger boots in our example), you must first select the size of your boots, update the quantity, and then click the Add to Cart button.

Screenshot 02: Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger boots Shopping Bag @ shoeline.com

B. As shown above, the next page will just let you review you order, and you can click the Proceed to Check Out button if you don't have additional orders anymore.

Screenshot 03: Billing Information @ shoeline.com

C. As shown above, you must complete your Billing Information, and then click Continue to Checkout afterward.

D. As shown below, the next page is where you can select your shipping method, and of course, the best option is to select the Free Ground Shipping option. This page will also let you enter the coupon code 'Carboots0213' to get an additional 20% off discount for your purchase.

Note: The coupon code used in our example already expired on February 15, 2013.


Screenshot 04: Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger boots Shipping Methods @ shoeline.com

E. As shown below, the next thing that you must do is to complete your credit information, and to review your purchase including the Billing and Shipping Details. This page will also provide you with the summary of your order, including the 20% discount provided by the coupon code, and the grand total of your order. You must also take note of the warning below about clicking the "Confirm Now" button only once to avoid duplicate orders.

Screenshot 05: Carolina 8 Inch Insulated Logger boots Purchase Summary @ shoeline.com

As shown by our example, shopping for your Carolina Logger boots at shoeline.com will not only let you save shipping cost. It will also grant you with big savings from their well-discounted deals and with their coupon code discounts, but remember that the extra 20% off coupon is only valid for a limited time.

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