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For example, you can purchase Dexter Bowling SST 5 LX with a 16% discount, which will be automatically applied at the checkout. Dexter Bowling SST 5 LX Shoes is designed with Dexter's removable slide sole technology matched with the vintage design details. It is made of pittard's lightning leather, designed with blucher upper pattern for an adjustable fit, and is equipped with removable supportive contoured EVA footbed. You can also choose between white and black colour.

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All of the customers who purchased Dexter SST 5 LX in recommend this product, and as a proof, SST 5 LX earns an overall rating of 4.91 out of 5 star ratings. The factors considered by these satisfied customers include being "true to width" and "true to size".

One customer commented that SST 5 LX is "a great shoe", and another customer mentioned that this is a "fantastic shoe". Only one customer reported that it is "a little big", but he also mentioned that it is a "heel comfortable shoe" and he also recommended it. Overall, all of the other customer's feedbacks are shows satisfaction when it comes to Dexter Bowling SST 5 LX Shoes.

Dexter Bowling Men's Styles Shoes is a trademark of Dexter Shoe Company, the number one provider of bowling shoes worldwide. So, if you are a professional bowler, a competitive one, casual player, or if you are just a newbie bowler, you would definitely want to own a pair of bowling shoes which will greatly aid you with your bowling performance, and that is what a Dexter Bowling Shoe can provide for you.

Below are some of the Dexter Bowling Men's Styles Shoes that you can also avail with special discounts ranging from 15% to 36% off the original price together with some of their corresponding customer reviews.

Dexter Bowling Jeff

A bowling shoes with a colour combination of white, blue, and red. Dexter Bowling Jeff is known for its hypnotic stitching pattern, and it is also one of the cheapest Dexter Bowling Shoe available in Aside from being inexpensive, you can avail Dexter Bowling Jeff shoes with a 15% discount.

A customer mentioned that Dexter Bowling Jeff Shoes is a "great price quality shoes". Another customer mentioned that that "the shoe appears to be constructed well, the size is true, and the comfort was excellent." He adds that "the design was stellar" and he felt a "very good value for the price".

Dexter Bowling Connor

Dexter Bowling Connor is designed with slip-on elastic fit upper pattern for easy wearability, and a fully fabric-lined with padded tongue and collar. These shoes offer a great deal for you because you can purchase it in with a 36% discount.

A customer mentioned that Dexter Bowling Connor is a "nice shoe for the money, comfortable, and a good fit." Another customer reported that it is "very comfortable, ready to use out of the box."

Dexter Bowling SST 4 Plus

Dexter Bowling SST 4 Plus features the patented Superior Slide and Traction interchangeable sole and heel system. It is also designed with a supportive and contoured footbed to make you feel comfortable, even against still games. You can purchase Dexter SST 4 Plus with a 16% discount, and you can choose between a combination of grey and black colour, and stone and ivory colour.

One customer mentioned that "these shoes are very comfortable" even though it took him some time to feel comfortable with his pair of bowling shoes because he uses house shoes all the time before. Another customer commented that it is a "great quality shoe."

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