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Screenshot # 02 : Available Colours of Nurse Mates Bryar

Now, let us consider an example of how to enjoy the special offers provided by for Nurse Mates women's shoes. The first thing that you must do is select your Nurse Mates shoes model from the list of Nurse Mates shoes available in In this example, let us select Nurse Mates Dove with a discounted price of $29.95 as of June 2012.

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5. The next page will ask you to complete all credit information such as Card Type, Card Number, etc. After that, you can now click the Confirm button.

Screenshot # 07 : Credit Information and Last Purchase Review

As shown by our example, shopping for your Nurse Mates shoes in will not only let you save shipping cost. It will also give you big savings from their discounted prices together with their coupon code discounts, but keep in mind that these special offers are only available for a limited time. So grab your Nurse Mates women's shoes and enjoy the special offers now at

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